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A small passenger SUV that provide utility and fun

for everyday use and leisure activities.

By combining a 1.0-liter turbo engine with D-CVT―used in a Toyota vehicle for the first time the car achieves the torque and driving joy of a 1.5-liter engine.

  98 horsePower

18.6 Km/L

140 Nm Torque


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Display Audio

The Raize is equipped with a smartphone-linkable nine-inch audio display. The display enables the use of apps that cater to SmartDeviceLink and Apple CarPlay*20, so expanding the range of choices available to the customer.


The Raize's instrument panel has been designed to ensure an outstanding field of view from the driver's seat; the operational elements of the instrument panel face the driver's side, while the gear lever has been positioned so that it can be easily operated by a simple extension of the left hand. In this way, the car realizes a driving space that allows the driver to concentrate fully on the road.

On the front seats, the angles of the side-support sections have been raised, while the back rest and side pads have been designed with differing levels of firmness. This new seat shape improves the feeling of support for occupants.

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Boot Capcity

The Raize's compact body contains a spacious luggage compartment 1,000 millimeters in width, 865 millimeters in height*16, and 755 millimeters in length, with a movable deck board for improved convenience. When the deck board is in the low position, the car boasts class-leading luggage capacity for a compact SUV of 369 liters; when the deck board is in the high position, the rear seats can be collapsed forward to create a long, flat space capable of storing long items of luggage. The deck board can also be removed to load houseplants and other tall items, and so caters to a wide variety of customer needs.

The distance between the front and rear seats is a generous 900 millimeters, providing plenty of space for a comfortable rear-seat riding experience.

The Engine


The Raize combines a 1.0-liter 1KR-VET turbo engine with a D-CVT that incorporates a split gear―used in a Toyota vehicle for the first time―to realize the joy of driving and outstanding fuel efficiency. The powertrain provides the torque of a 1.5-liter-class engine at a variety of engine speeds, from low speeds upwards, which results in powerful acceleration. With regard to fuel efficiency, the 2WD models achieve 18.6 kilometers per liter in WLTC test cycles, while the 4WD models achieve 17.4 kilometers per liter.

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D-CVT adds split gears to existing CVT belt drives, and uses both belt and gear drives at high speeds for improved transmission efficiency. The gear-ratio range has also been expanded to provide powerful and smooth acceleration at low speeds, and fuel-efficient and quiet performance at high speeds.

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