The 2017 New Mercedes-Benz CLA class Face-lifted Model is a sharp looking four-door variant of the A-Class.

A sort of saloon/coupe, but in the hatchback class. Designed to appeal to younger buyers,.

122 Horsepower


8.7  0 - 100km/h


200 Torque



Interior Design

The flowing contour of the CLA Coupe run inside and out, underscored by high quality materials and first class workmanship.

Every seam, every shade of the colour and every trim element in a word, every detail, demonstrates both the high quality and dynamic nature of the CLA.

Panoramic Roof

Another amazing feature on the CLA. Having natural sunlight enter the cabin of your vehicle helps a lot especially when it's nice outside. Plus rolling around the city at night, being a passenger in a car with a panoramic sunroof is just amazing!

The focal point of the cockpit is the free standing 8-inch media display, with is innovative smartphone styling. Many od the controls & edging are finished in chrome, with top end touch & feel.

7G-DCT  7-speed automatic

7G-DCT: dual clutch transmission, an automated three-shaft manual transmission consisting of two sub transmissions, each with its own clutch. Both actuation of the clutches & gear shifting takes place fully automatically & without any interruption in tractive power. This allows a particularly comfortable but nevertheless dynamic mode of driving.

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